Fabian Oefner is a photographer who likes to make science visible, whether that is through visualizing sound waves with tiny crystals, creating nebulae-like images from lamps, or using a drill to photograph the movement of paint within a millisecond.

At TEDxWarwick, he spoke about his work, which includes the amazing photos of soap bubbles bursting seen above. From his talk:

What I do in my work is try to mix art and science together — whether it is an image of a soap bubble that is photographed at the very moment of its bursting, or whether it is strange liquids that form into pop-art-like structures, or if its acrylic paint that is modeled by centrifugal forces, I’m always trying to link art and science together.

We come across [things like magnetism and sound waves] in our daily lives quite often — and most of the time we don’t pay too much attention to them…I try to take these phenomena and show them in a poetic and in an unseen way and therefore invite you, the viewers, to stop for a moment and think about all the magic and the beauty that is constantly surrounding us.

See more of Fabian’s art at his website, and — below watch his entire talk, which includes some amazing demonstrations of visualized sound waves:

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